Complaining after the jump.

So dropping the motor, tranny, and subframe was the easy part.

When I was removing the other subframe from the parts car I broke/fractured/or generally fucked up one of the fingers on my dominent hand. This is good because now i cant go to work this week and have time to deal with this shitmess. This is also bad because the work pace is slow as fuck.

So there I am trying to remove the tranny, then the slip yoke falls out and suddenly Im Just pouring out 3 liters of 70w90 onto the ground and almost as important, my workspace. Another fun fact is that lifting the car enough to completely get the tranny out from under the car is out of the question, which is nice because its massive and im already gonna be contending with the 70w90 wonderland.

Needless to say Im taking a couple hours off to think up some solutions to this shitstorm, on the plus side all i gotta do now is remove the adapter plate.


Just to change the fucking starter