I should’ve ordered 25$-worth of Mazdaspeed decals because they are doing free shipping for orders over 150$! GFDI

150$ for a set of OEM Mazda brake pads for the Miata...because it’s SO SPECIAL with it’s fancy optional large sport brake calipers. It also means I can never go down to 14" wheels and I have to be extremely careful with some aftermarket 15" or else there’ll be a lot of unpleasant contact interference between wheel and calipers.


Still, it was cheaper going through Mazdaspeed than through a Mazda dealership parts department because Mazdaspeed gives discounts if you’re a remotely-active racer. As long as you do 3 events every year, you qualify for discounts! Autocross, time attack, club racing, and rallycross all count! Since I just won my first SCCA autocross event, I only need 2 more to be good for the rest of this year and I chalked up numerous 2nd and 3rd-place finishes last year.

I love how excited the NB2 Miata looks compared to my friend’s modified and slammed FC RX-7 that looks all depressed. It’s like my Miata told a really bad dad-level punny joke and the RX-7 is all “Oh goddamnit...”

Anyway, I tried going to a local Sumter Mazda dealership but they apparently don’t understand I can’t mount regular-sized OEM brake pads on my sport brakes...and they wanted to charge me 102$ just for the wrong set of front brake pads? Kthxbye! The dealership doesn’t even discount stuff even though I’m an approved Mazdaspeed member with a provided team support number!

The BACs for Miata life. My ‘02 LS, a ‘96 M Edition, and a ‘06 Grand Touring. All of these were autocrossing last Sunday at Darlington in their respective classes.


Anyway, a lot of you are probably wondering why I’m going through the hassle of order 150$-worth of brake pads when I could just go to Advance/Napa/Autozone and pick up a cheap set for 40$-60$. You’re partially right, a cheap set of pads would probably be fine if this Miata lived a boring life of communting back and forth between home and work (just got hired this Monday). However, I do stupid shit and shenanigans with my Miata like this:

and this:

along with this:

In those cases, I need really grippy brake pads that can withstand the abuse I throw at them. Granted autocrossing doesn’t really wear them down nowhere as near as much as those enthusiastic mountain drives with tons of heavy braking, but having really nice pads that can slow the Miata down faster means I can be on the throttle longer which helps speed up my times at autocross. Furthermore, this Miata’s about to see a lot more miles and interstate life as I do 80 miles of round-trips between home and work (yay, first job).


First time the Miata’s been autocrossed since it had its windshield/a-pillars wrapped gloss black to match the hardtop.

I could’ve used Hawk HPS pads as they’re a favored pad among the Miata crowds but they’re notorious for generating heavy amounts of dust. The OEM Mazda pads have the durablility of cheap long-lasting Autozone/Napa/Advance pads and the grip of high performance StopTech/Hawk pads with the added bonus of being nowhere near as dusty along with a 100% perfect installation fit that OEM-only parts can cause.