Foaming a Toolbox & Taping a Cat

After washing and claybar. I put it on stands so I can save my back.

I’ll write a longer post about the car detailing process. In short I foamed, clay barred, compounded, polished, and finally waxed it. I’m almost satisfied with the correction however the PNW has rained for 7 days so I haven’t seen it in the sun yet. I forgot to upload most of the pictures from the camera, so when I get back I’ll do a little longer of a write up.

I washed the s/o CX-5 as well
I used a plunge router after tracing, then tested until it fit.

In other news, I ordered high density two layer foam because I love the look of toolboxes with cutouts for each tool. The process is time consuming and messy. The result is worth the effort. I’m leaving as much space as I can in each drawer so I can add more as I buy more. I’ll also know which tools I’ve lent out and haven’t gotten back yet.

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