Unfortunately, as predicted earlier, the Focus RS is coming in at a not-so-cheap $47k CAD. That puts its above the STi in Sport-Tech trim (the fanciest package available) by about $1300 before taxes are factored in, and before you add the Nitrous Blue paint because YOU MUST.

What I really don’t understand is the ridiculous 7% finance rate. Can someone explain to me why the GT350 has only a 4.6% rate even though the car is nearly $20k more??!!

Due to my acquisition of a new sportbike in the spring my dreams of moving on to a new car have been delayed by about a year at least but I think that’s a good thing. Let the reviews come in, let Ford work out any bugs, and let depreciation take its natural course.

BTW www.ford.ca if you want to play around. Or maybe the direct link will work: