So it's new car time, after a few years with a hand-me-down 2007 Pacifica. No one who enjoys driving aspires to a Pacifica.

I'm a not-quite-forty father of two, ages 9 and 15. I work from home; the miles I do are largely as "Dad's Taxi".

I could spend a trifle on a toy... but whatever it is has to carry my 9 year old in safety. IIHS ratings less than GOOD need not apply.

I've considered all the obvious suspects, and come down to the new 2014 Focus ST, Ingot Silver, with ST3 package, moonroof, and gray rims. I think that's all the options possible.

I checked it out tonight, and fell in like with it. It's quick, and playful, tech-full... and full of acres of hard plastics.


We negotiated to 28,567 on the car, off (wait a minute... what's this?) MSRP of 30,270 on their website... why is it 31,050 on this form? Interesting.

Anyway, they said invoice is 28,067, so the profit is 500. Not sure I believe that now, looking at this.

Truecar says, with options, 26,495 is a good target, and 27,205 is the average paid.


Are they (Truecar) factoring in rebates others have applied (and that I don't qualify for)?

I'm going with the Ford 0% for 72 months, BTW. Free money, good payment, putting low miles on it, hopefully doesn't depreciate faster than leftovers in my fridge.

So is this stupid? Should I fight for a number in the $26k range?

Status is that I'm to get back to them. They were closing up as I left tonight.