For about two year now, I’ve really wanted fog lights on one of my cars, either the grand prix or the pt cruiser. I just thought they were cool and useful, at the same time. Money priorities, and other things, kept getting in the way so I’ve been pushing off this project for a long time. Plus, I didn’t want to get into a project that would be overwhelming. Last Saturday, at the junkyard, I pulled the trigger for two stock fog lights.

It as a simple swap, since the fog light comes in the same housing for the turn signal, you just take off the old turn signal and put in the new one. After that, you need to get a fuse and a relay, and the correct steering stalk to turn it on. Oddly, when I bought this car, it had the correct stalk, but no fog lights. Opening up the fuse box, it does not indicate where the fuse and relay is suppose to go (fyi: look in the manual). So from what I can gather, this car either never had fog lights, and they put in the wrong stalk back when the original owner got into an accident (not original windshield); or it had fog lamps, but they put in normal turn signal lights instead and changed the fuse box to indicate no fogs.... the former is more likely.


I’m SUPER happy I finally got fog lights on my car. It looks so cool! Plus, I put in the labor myself. It cost my $50 total for this project (housing, fuse, and relay), and about an hour of my time.

Now I just need to clean the passenger’s head light.....

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