Foggy Friday

Stupid camry with the wheel turned the wrong way for a hill

My girlfriend’s parents are in town visiting so I got to use the STi to go pick them up at the airport. First use of the back seats and trunk space. They are heading on a cruise ship out of San Pedro for a week so they had quite a bit of luggage to bring along. The subaru swallowed it all up nicely and fit the three of us comfortably. It was a nice little drive from LAX, to Hermosa beach for lunch, around Palos Verdes, and to drop them off for their stay in San Pedro before the cruise.


This lovely sign though while going around Palos Verdes actually meant “roads will be bumpy as fuck” which sure was fun. We survived but oh man was that an experience in the STi loaded to the gills lol.

I didn’t bother taking any photos of the scenery when we stopped along the way because of the aforementioned fog. I have been there before though with my girlfriend when it was sunny and oh boy was that a treat!

Too lazy to find my own photos, plus this is better anyways

Back seat is now removed again and skis are loaded into the car for my ski trip this weekend. I ended up adjusting my ski case so now it fits without impacting my ability to shift the car. Plus I can still fit a passenger so it’s good enough. We shall see if removed rear seat adds an extra noise to the cabin while driving. I’m not driving to the mountain so no fun subaru snow pics (flying to salt Lake city) but I should be able to get some shots with whatever shitty rental car I end up with!

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