When I left for the weekend, it had been overcast most of the week here in Los Angeles. Then when I got home, it has been more fog again. Weird since I went to the PNW, the capital of the world on foggy/rainy weather and had full on sun and 80 degree temps. I actually quite like this weather though since its such a change from the usual 300+ days a year of perpetual sunshine.

And since I totally needed more canyon carving after a weekend dedicated to just that in British Colombia, it was a perfect time after work to head on down to my favorite road, Piuma. I spent some time earlier in the day to replace my spark plugs and wires in order to hopefully solve my cylinder 2 misfire code. So I figured it was a good test to drive the doors off of the car up a mountain. It definitely felt smoother and there were zero hesitations at any speeds. Finally bounced off the rev limiter with the car for the first time since I went through a tunnel and had to hear the exhaust at 7000 rpms.


Next up is roll bar removal from the other car and hopefully completed installation in this car this coming Saturday. With that completed, I can move onto fixing the sway bar mounts (some broken bolts that are clunking on bumps) and look into what I want to do about coilovers. Either way, I think I am going to sign up for a PCA Autocross on Jun 1st as my first foray into motorsports with this car. Then if all goes well, I will be ready for Laguna Seca at the end of June!