Yippee! Thanks, Folks for all you guidance on getting Thomson and enthusiasm for Folding. Could be happier with this new box but that’ll come with tweaks. Happy to contribute at least 6-digits to our Folding at full bore while the game (RDR2) downloaded. We are working on Covid-19 stuff, aren’t we?

Took 3-days to get the 115Gigs of the game at a miserly 1.02Meg a second. I live inside a Faraday cage so net speeds are naturally slow. A fully bonded sailboat has a #6 wire tied to every bit of metal, and since mine is on the hard, I have a copper rod pounded into the ground. Thus the cage. And 2.4ghz Wifi does not pass thru fiberglass well at all. Any 4 boats in a row row will kill the signal. There’s 1 between me and the AP. My old PC has a long USB cable and dongle outside the cage and above the deck of that other boat and directly in view of that AP. But this new box sits on the sole with internal Wifi, thus slow D/L speeds. That’s ok since there is a tonne of other stuff to do atm.


So, I let Thomson Fold to it’s hearts content for a couple days. Then I went into Task Mangler to see what it was doing and notice that it is never using more than 35% of the GPU. Usually 0% of the Encode/Decode windows. What am I looking at? Can y’all tell me some tweaks?

I added a 4" case fan to this Acer but it may not be enough. I have a spare radiator in storage so I’m thinking to water cool the CPU and, if possible, the GPU. Twas 90 in the boat today with A/C so I don’t think fans in the case are going to do much more.


Annd.. Kinja still won’t let me post pictures. This one was of my 2 kittehs waiting patiently for treats.

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