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I’m running Folding @ Home on 2 systems... both fairly old.

1. A desktop with an AMD Athlon X4 630 (Quad cores @ 2.8 GHZ), 6GB RAM, 2TB HD, NVidia GeForce GT 640


2. Thinkpad T500 with Core i5-2520M (2.5GHZ that overdrives to 2.9-3ghz), a 240gb SSD, 16GB RAM, el crapo Intel integrated graphics.

The older Athon CPU in the desktop seems to generate about half the PPD and around half the credit compared to the Core i5 in the laptop.


The desktop, on the other hand, generates more credit overall because the NVidia GPU in the desktop on its own generates more than double the credit of the Intel Core i5.

And FAH runs 2 jobs at the same time on the desktop, while only running one job at a time on the laptop.

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