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Folding not happerning (is now!)

Winders 10 did some sort of update last week. I ignored the reboot message as long as I could but it did it anyway whilst I slept yesterday. Stoopid thing wanted me to start using MS Edge or something. Anyway, Folding@Home doesn’t work anymore...

I don’t twitter or the like and their homepage shows no outage. Client screen just keep showing a “Connecting” attempt. I almost did a reinstall but the “Data” checkbox prompted me to inquire here first. Any suggestions?


Cute kitty fer yer time: Carp!!?! There would be one if Kinja would let me post it.

[UPDATE} Reboot didn’t but reinstall (sans uninstall) is working. Thank you.

Yea, posting imaes is carp! Usually they don’t load at all via all 3 methods offered. On the rare occasion that they do, there is nowhere to attribute them that I can see. Fuck Kinja! 

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