Situations are changing.

I'd rather not go into the details here - - lets just say I've been living in my Panther for a while, and I've slowly come to realize that keeping it because its sentimental to me is silly on a financial level and sad on an emotional level, because its time to experience adventures with a new type of vehicle I haven't owned yet.

Basically, I have two cars, one paid for, one not, I'm going to sell both and get one that I will live in until its paid off. Recently a coworker struck a deal with me and I now have a safe place to park where I won't be bothered.

I'm looking for something in the $10-15k range, weak resale value is great because you can get a newer, lower mileage vehicle for less money. Transmission doesn't matter, fuel economy doesn't matter, must be durable and not too difficult to work on. Must have a folding backseat or some way of accommodating horizontal sleep. Higher beltline is better for privacy, as are cargo covers, etc. if its a hatchback/wagon.

I've found that sedans generally have to be atleast 175 inches long to be able to accommodate flat horizontally sleeping with your legs in the trunk.


Driving dynamics are a big selling point for me.


Pictured: Suzuki Kizashi, one of my favorite cars that I would love to own