Follow the progress of this Volvo Amazon with a 2-stroke V8

It all started in Sweden with an Evinrude 300XP outboard boat engine. Originally designed in the mid 80's as a 3.6 liter 2-stroke V8 pushing around 275 horsepower, it quickly developed into a 4 liter beast. Just listen to it:

But what sort of use would someone give to a boat engine? It must go back to a boat, you lunatic! What else would you do with it?


This happening in Sweden, the home of surströmming, the only logical conclusion was to stick it in a car, obviously. The builders decided to use a Volvo 122 Amazon for this. This is a car which you might know through Vöx, arguably the most famous Volvo Amazon ever built. The king of Amazons and an infamous Ferrari annihilator. This particular car was built by a guy who works for Koenigsegg so he knew a thing or two about cars and you can tell.

The king of Amazons - Vöx.

But surely, sooner or later the king will be overthrown and Rudezon, built for drag racing, is a serious contender.

2 years after the engine was first shown running, it had found it’s way inside a bare, gutted Volvo 122 Amazon. Looking and sounding like something pulled straight out of a horror movie, the thing was as gnarly as ever. And while it doesn’t seem to move just yet, you still have to look (and listen) at it - it’s worth it.

Impressive, right? Well, fast-forward a year and they got the thing moving - and pretty fast too. Although already burning rubber and sounding like half a dozen chainsaw murderers coming after you, it’s still very much a work in progress. But it doesn’t matter. I’m sure we can all see where this is heading and it’s definitely something very good. Surströmming is a hell of a drug. Just enjoy.

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