So, for those who missed it, I inspected a Alfa Romeo 156 1.8 ts this afternoon.

It was in worse shape than I remembered, with it having some dings, scratches and paint issues.

This was at a car wash earlier this year, around jan/feb.

Interior is definitely one of the strong points of the car. Nice leather seats all around. the only thing wrong being the airbag cover thing being loose, and the fuse panel cover missing (but he has it)


I couldn’t check the mileage and start the car as the battery was dead. But he assures me it runs (I won’t buy it without hearing it run, don’t worry)

For it’s inspection it needs a new front left wheel bearing (the thing that makes the grinding noise)


The speaker wire with all the speakers will be returned to stock before I buy it.

But, worryingly, I found out that he has no history of ever changing the timing belt in the year he has owned it. On the engine it said it was last replaced at 157.000 km. The interval of changing these belts are 60.000 km. the car now has over 285.000 km (at least), so yeah...


Me being not that mechanically inclined (at all), I searched and found that there are a few video guides out there on changing the timing belt. In typical Jeremy Clarkson fashion; I am thinking ‘how hard can it be?’ ‘I can follow instructions..’


Wheel bearing should be do-able, but I’d have to go off of his word that it is really the only issue.

best part is, I think I can haggle him between 300-400 euro

3-400 for the car, about 170 in parts, and a few (probably a lot) of weekends fixing this, to me it seems worth it. Worst case, I part it out as much as I can and try to recoup my losses.


I know a 290.000 km Alfa Romeo doesn’t sound like a good idea, but for this price..