Plenty of helpful oppos assisted in my search for Xbox knowledge so I figured I would update. Scored a One S 500 gb new for $139.00 then proceeded to spend a ton on other crap. 1st off regular batteries in the controller?!?! Ewww! And I can’t understand the damn menus! Beyond that seems like a neat system and my son is loving it. Got a few games being delivered tomorrow and we downloaded roblox, trove, Pac man, and a few others all have been really cool. All in all I think I’m going to take advantage of it being here and may even spring for a game for myself! For now roblox mini tanks will keep me busy. On the way is Rayman legends, minecraft, lego marvel hero’s 2, plants vs zombies, super luckys adventure 2, and I have a sharp eye out for horizon 3. Any good games for the 10 and under crowd would be greatly appreciated.