Follow-up post: homemade 7-layer Honey Cake

As mentioned before, one recipient’s of my Oreo truffles wife made gave us two heaping slices of honey cake, an item I’ve never had in any form.

Per the fella, this is a common Russian confection around the holidays. Let me just say this...


This is the best cake I’ve ever had. I don’t think I can put it into words properly. The cake layers taste like... Like, if Golden Grahams cereal could exist in cake form. The frosting is solid, smooth, and savory. Not even sweet. It’s not quite spicy like gingerbread. It’s just extra T H I C C and homemade.

My wife wants the recipe. I just want to take what’s left and melt it into some crude liquid form, and infect it into my genitals, and possibly other locations. This is hands down a death-bed homemade dish.

Well anyway... Thanks for reading, as always.

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