My wife and I decided to not place an offer on that house. For the record, the house was even better than what we thought it would be, but we suspect it will ultimately go for more than were willing to pay as of now.

Further confirmed when I went out with my buddy tonight. Yes, the same one I ran into at the open house today. After I told him we weren’t going to get in the game, he revealed that his offer was going to be 11% more than the asking price — to start. Do I think this  house is worth that much? Absolutely. But it is ultimately more than I’m willing to pay for it.

So tomorrow I’m going to another open house with him and his old lady and grabbing beer afterwards. My buddy seems to love the house, I think she will too.


If nothing else, I hope to soon be using the longbed to help two people I really care for deeply move into their first home.

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