Follow up to my last "hot take"

Hot sauce recommendations!

I used to be a big time Frank’s consumer, then moved on to the Chipotle Tabasco. Then, I was at the store and bough a bottle of Texas Pete because it was cheap. I found it not spicy enough and thought the heat didn’t linger long enough, so I moved to the next cheapest, coming to...


Louisiana Hot Sauce. A 12oz bottle goes for about $1.77 at Kroger and lasts me a little over a week. I like the consistency of it (a bit thicker than the others), the color, the endurance of the heat, and the smokiness of it. I put it on eggs in the morning (it goes incredibly well with the creaminess of soft yolk) and lately, I’ve started putting it straight onto toast.

My room mate is a big Sriracha fan, but I’m not big on it. It has a weird taste to my tongue.

So, Oppo, give me hot sauce recommendations. I’m not big on “smoky” so much as the dry and somewhat savory heat of Louisiana style sauces.


Update: posting this around lunch hour was a mistake. All of you have great recommendations and I’ve been salivating thinking about hot sauce since noon.

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