Coming home from work, I was waiting in line to turn left. There was nobody in my rear view when I pulled up. I check my rear view again, and suddenly something with a wing and the profile of a coupe neatly pulls up right behind me. Some rusted out 'lude, I thought, or a Civic DX. Advancing a little, I get a glimpse of the headlights.

Run! It's Godzilla!


My turn at bat comes: a left turn in dense downtown traffic, with on-coming approaching at close to 60 kph+, and a conga line of people turning left on the other side. I see an opportunity and make a smooth but quick turn, showing off the impressive body roll of my '02 Impala LS.

I checked my mirror as I settle on course, expecting Godzilla to be breathing down my neck. There was enough room to get in behind me. Godzilla could have gone, but Godzilla did not. He finds his gap in his own good time and we meet again at the next lights. It's a narrow roadway with a bicycle lane, but I check for bikers and hug the right curb to turn. As I wait for pedestrians, Godzilla passes me, and I finally get a good look at the monster. It's black and red and shiny.

Then I saw the plate.