Excuse the potato pics. Big storm this afternoon, and this literally just happened. Can’t wait to start modding. I’m pretty excited about this.


Bye, E60. I will miss you.

Had a hard time talking my daughter (just turned 4) into the new car. She really did not want to say goodbye to the E60. But we took a special ride in it together, and talked about what she liked and didn’t like. Now she’s excited about the i3.

The new thing is more practical, less comfortable, more fun in a lot of ways, has a way worse audio system, but it’s the newest car I’ve ever owned. Can’t wait until we have our powdercoat oven at work— those wheels are getting stripped and coated. The seats: there’s gotta be some replacement option. I don’t like the i3's seats much.


Next up: hax.

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