Final update: Evo Morales is in Mexico

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Evo Morales, the former President of Bolivia, is finally outside of his home continent after a long operation by Mexican authorities.


Yesterday afternoon, a team of diplomats departed to Lima, Peru on a Gulfstream G550 registered as XC-LOK.

After refueling in Peru, the G550 departed for Bolivia, where Evo was picked up. The plane continued heading south towards Paraguay as authorities across Latin America denied the G550 entry into their airspace. Later on at around 4AM today, Brazil and Peru opened up their airspace.


It is unclear if Evo is actually aboard XC-LOK, though the Mexican foreign affairs secretary claims he is heading to Mexico and was authorized entry into Brazilian airspace abroad a “Mexican government jet.” Given XC-LOK is the only “XC” registered jet flying around South America, it’s fair to assume Evo is aboard it.

The Mexican government broke safety regulations by having the pilots exceed the number of flight hours per day allowed.

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