Food Lion has the best generic soda names of any supermarket

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Food Lion is a not-particularly-fancy grocery store in the southeast and mid-Atlantic. Here in the DC area, it’s a half step below stuff like Giant and Safeway. There’s one in the same strip mall as my gym, it’s open til 11 pm, and it’s fine enough for late night post-workout shopping. I love their generic soda names.


Limon Up - 7Up
Dr. Perky - Dr. Pepper
Omazing Orange - Orange soda
Mountain Lion - Mountain Dew
Rip Roarin’ Fruit Punch - Hawaiian Punch
Ragin’ Grape - Grape

Back in the day when I went to a summer camp up in a rural part of Maryland, there was a Food Lion in town, and at the end of each session we’d have a massive pizza party and loads of Dr. Perky, Limon Up, and Mountain Lion. It was fantastic.


Apparently I’m not the only one with an appreciation for Food Lion’s generic soda names, because back in 2014 they had a contest that resulted in the Omazing Orange, Ragin’ Grape, and Rip Roarin’ Fruit Punch names.

Supposedly Food Lion also chose Roar! Root Beer as a winner of that contest, but at least at my store, the root beer is just labeled Root Beer. Sorry, Kathleen Spangler of Virginia Beach, VA, for Food Lion discontinuing your generic soda name. If it’s any consolation, I would totally buy some Diet Roar! Root Beer if I could.

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