As a follow-up to my post from yesterday, Food stuffs I don’t like, the following food stuffs don’t like me. I find as I’m getting older (I’m 35 now), this list is growing.

1. Barbecue sauce: This was the first food to turn on me. If I eat a little bit of barbecue, I feel sick. If I eat a full meal with barbecue sauce on it, I’ll crap my brains out within 20 minutes, and feel like fried hell. Dry rub bbq only for me now.

2. Artificial sweeteners: Especially aspartame, if I consume even a sip of diet pop, I will get a raging headache. I was never a big soda drinker, but I was a fan of Diet A&W root beer, but since aspartame turned on me all that crap is a no-go.

3. Chocolate chip cookies: This is a cruel punishment from life. I LOOOOVE chocolate chip cookies (right ULY!?!). They’re my favorite desert, and the only thing I’m good at making from scratch. One cookie, and I feel a little crappy. Two cookies, and I have racing heart-burn. Three cookies, and I want to curl up in a corner and rage against the gods. And yet I keep eating them ... because I am a moron with poor impulse control.

Update from yesterdays post: My 1-year old didn’t eat her cut-up strawberries with dinner last night. So as I was doing dishes, I tried them for the twelve-thousandth time ... I liked them! :)