So I pulled over for lunch and ordered a burger at some place with food. It was some variation of western burger with the BBQ sauce, bacon, and a fried onion ring. One bite in and I could distinctly tell something was wrong with what I was tasting. Upon inspection, the breading of the onion ring hell a terrible truth: it was a partially-cooked, thick, red onion inside.

Onion rings on a burgers should be yellow or colossal sweets. The sort of unmistakable... “veggieness” taste of a red onion can not be masked by some fried breading. Nor do red onions carmelize like a sweet onion. There’s also something overpowering about a red onion in a way that a cooked sweet onion is not. My whole burger just tasted like red onion, even once removed.

Seemed like a lousy cost-cutting decision (they already throw cut red onions on any burger at the same place). I have NEVER in my life seen a fried red onion on a burger.

Anyway... Thanks for reading (n_n)