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Turkey's in the fryer, pie's in the oven, and cases of liquid tolerance of visiting extended family is in the fridge (and a secret stash in the fridge in the garage,too). Everything's all ready for the big day of feasting and feuding. The only thing missing today was a Graverobber NPoCP: Thanksgiving Edition.

That brings us to today's user submitted NPoCP 1796cc, 1986 Puma GTC Convertible. According to everybody's favorite and reliable source, wikipedia, the Puma was an offshoot of Volkswagen produced in Brasil. The GTC model, produced from 1980 to 1985 was the convertible of the Puma lineup.


From wikipedia:

In 1980, it was time for another restyling as well as a rename. The coupé became the GTI, while the spider became the GTC. The new look included rubber bumpers with decorative cast-in ridges which mimicked the Porsche 911 G's telescopic impact bumpers. The taillights were replaced by the Volkswagen Brasilia's Mercedes-style units, all the rage at the time with Brazilian cottage manufacturers. The small push-button doorhandles were replaced with more modern units borrowed from the Alfa Romeo Ti 4.[7] A version utilizing the VWB Variant II's more modern chassis (albeit still with the Brasilia's front suspension) called the P 018 appeared for the 1982 model year. This had slightly wider tracks front and rear, and a rear suspension featuring semi-axles with constant-velocity joints, sprung by transverse torsion bars, rather than the Brasilia's simpler semi-trailing rear. As with other Pumas, an air-cooled 1.6 litre Volkswagen boxer-four was standard equipment, with larger 1,7, 1,8, and 2.0-litre versions available at extra cost.[8] An annual production of 1,000 was planned, but in the end only about 55 of the P 018s were completed.


This rare cat, apparently 1 of 55 built, currently resides on the sunny, warm, Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, in Guaynabo - The 'Falls Church' of the San Juan metro area. It has dual Webber Carbs, Porsche wheels, and is priced at just $19,900, or best offer - and unfortunately, that's about all we can tell from the clasificadosonline ad.

Now it's up to you to decide:

At a Benjamin shy of 20 grand, does the price of this Puma GTC give you Cat Scratch Fever?


Or, is it too much scratch for a topless red pussy?…

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