Some may remember a while back that someone posted this 944 on here, and then I made a post about contemplating getting it for such a low price. But now, my friend is interested in doing a "group buy" so to speak.

Here's the car again:…

Description: I'm selling my 1985.5 porsche 944. it turns over but doesn't start. my guess is fuel lines or injectors but i'm not sure and i'd honestly rather not have a project car right now. i posted picture and can give more info but for now its a manual, not sure of miles because odometer is tampered with. The paint is faded because of the sun and so is the interior but it has no dents or rust. call if interested. price is negotiable if your going to tell me you have cash on hand and are ready to come get the car now. the car is located on van born and Merriman in the city of wayne right now. I live in farmington hills now but i have more cars than i can leave here (making me motivated to sell). i can meet out there to show though. I'm always up so give me a call or text anytime.




So the guy's selling it for $900 but will take any offer if cash is there, so we're thinking offering $400-500 for the car as is(we don't mind the paint/body) and turning it into our first resto-project car. We've got a garage to put it in and we can get a PPI done. We're both Porsche-philes so it works out.

What say you Oppo? Should we offer less? We're got some good ideas for this car; track car, show car, I just want to get it moving if we buy it and learn how to work on cars with it.