It's the Year 2000, or as you might call it, The Distant Future.  Your mind wonders if Al Gore actually invented the Internet.  Your blood dances to the riffs of Carlos Santana, and your lust belongs to the Special Vehicles Technology division of the Ford Motor Company.  In the thirteen years since, you're not sure if Al Gore is even still alive, and your blood still dances, but to navigate around plaque buildup.

But SVT remains.  But does SVT alone love make?  You could walk down to your local Ford Store, making sure to avoid the lonely glances from the Lincoln Store, and spend your fifty-five large on most of a 662-horsepower reincarnation of Pegasus, complete with serpentine lineage.  But it wouldn't remind you of Spanish Harlem.  You conciede that you've grown up, but SVT grew up as well; grown up more than you.

You look down at your cashier's check and wonder why you ever imagined money could buy a chance to seize all those decade-old opportunities.

Then you look up at me, three inches away from your face.  As you enter a brief state of shock, I tell you that money can buy that chance; but only if you buy this 2000 SVT Cobra R.


At only 1,317 miles, this Cobra R is almost as inexperienced as you were 13 years ago, and you're snickering at this model being #269 out of 300 only confirms that fact.  But snickering you has an incomperable memeory.  You remember the under-rated 385 horsepower, the Because Racecar ammenaties of no back seat, no radio, and no air conditioning, and the lack of cruise control, because men, not computers, were meant to drive. 

And drive you will with the six-speed transmission and an interior that begs you to keep your eyes on the track, the only place worthy of the 13-inch front rotors with four-piston Brembo calipers; a brake setup tasked with brining the Cobra from its 175 mph top speed back to zero.


But do you want to spend your entire cashier's check on the proper accessory for asking people if they'll call you Superman?  At such low mileage, this unmolested Cobra R probably belongs in a museum, not your local track day.  But thirteen years ago, you thought your car was as invincible as you,.  Isn't the entire point of this Cobra R to bring you back to that mindset?

You decide weather 2000-you or 2013-you makes that determination.

2000 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra - $54,999 -