So with a few weeks of negatively, some partially my fault some not so much I’m debating going back to my old routes (pun intended ||circa 2014) and do daily music posts for folks ride home.

What do you guys think? I’ll probably run the gamut, in terms of music, as I listen to a wide variety. I’m a huge classic rock fan, but sometimes driving home you just need some fresh beats to make the drive suck a bit less and bring your mood up.

What do you think oPPo? Should I bring back what was long dead; daily traffic jams? If you click the tag, you’ll find the music I posted a long time ago. I’m open to suggestions. Below is more just a fitting song for this post. I usually post from sound cloud if I can so the music can play in the background, if not youtube is the alternate. I’ll can also link Spotify if many of you have it.