For a brief moment, I thought Christmas had come early. But, alas: not so.

Drove by this good ol’ girl on the way to my in-laws. Naturally, I snuck away for a closer look.

Not bad at all.
No holes, but a little too crispy.
Solid interior, but the dash is almost 100% likely it be cracked.
Oh how I wish first gens had an extra cab... The giant Custom Cabs are unobtainable as it is
No price listed... Well that’s never a good sign.
Every second gen is doomed to rot like this along the seam in the bed. Also the corners of the doors, wiper cowls, mirrors...

A bit too crunchy for me. It has many more miles and a lot more rust than my pickup. Frame looked good, no dents, no spooky stains, but not exactly pristine. Anyone not from the PNW might point out that these all rusted away back when porno was only available in print form. But there are still many, many exceptional specimens of these trucks rolling around here that are worth the wait.


It had over 329k miles but claimed a rebuilt motor 10k miles ago. You know, I once bought a car that claimed a rebuilt motor once... No evidence, no dice.

Oh well... At least I have this thing:


Happy Thanksgiving, Oppo!

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