For a Drive

So on Monday I was supposed to take my friend’s Porsche Panamera out to do my first YouTube video. Unfortunately she was unable to let me as she needed it to haul the kids around. Note: They have a lot of kids and filled the Escalade. Any how I was understandably upset. I decided then since I had all my camera gear and the day off work I would go for a drive and take photos. I was a great drive down CA166 to CA33 to CA101 and back home. It was a very much needed short vacation. And here are a few phone photos since I have not edited my camera ones yet.

It is days like these that make me fall back in love with my GTO. I think DDing it makes me hate her a little. Well not hate, but bored. And then I ask myself why do I even pay so much for her every month and why have a car like this for literally a 1 mile drive everyday. Then I get reminded when I chase motorbikes through the twisties and pull over and look longingly at my own car.

Lilith love the big open roads
Sometimes she thinks she is a Jeep
Over the mountains
What a view
Los Padres National Forest
Silly guys doing pushups
Put put put
More put put

It was a great day out and I need to do that more

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