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For a V8, RWD sedan pushing nearly 400hp

This should’ve been a lot more impressive. Why wasn’t it? Well of course I could’ve just sat there mashing both pedals until nothing could be seen but a cloud of smoke. But more to the point, this thing has an exhaust note that has been 100% muted. I’ve attached another video below of a 4.6 Genesis with aftermarket exhaust, and as you can hear, the engine has a ton of potential to make wonderful music. From the factory, however, it sounds like any other fax machine. On top of that, notice how at about 3 seconds in it seems as though I just slammed my foot on a nonexistent clutch? Yeah, that would be the ESP system, which was allegedly in the “off” position, deciding I was having too much fun and cutting engine power completely. All in all, a pretty pathetic spectacle.

And what could’ve been:

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