For Akio Ohtori

Spotted at the local Walmart. The locals call these DUI specials. The only people who ride them in our area are older guys who finally lost their license because of too many DUIs.

Look closely. This one is in pedal-only mode. The drive chain from the engine is missing. He’s also carrying a variety of tools, spare inner tubes and two-cycle oil in his improvised tool belt panniers. He’d probably call them his saddle bags.


He’s depending on the coaster brake to stop this beast. The left lever looks like it goes to a clutch instead of a front brake. I suppose that’s a good thing. With the way the lever is mounted, he wouldn’t be able to modulate the brake anyway.

I’ve seen this guy hauling ass down the shoulder of the major highway that cuts through the area (not the interstate, that’s limited access). I’m waiting for the day that someone gives him the right hook. That’s when someone passes you, underestimates your speed on the bicycle, and turns right in front of you. He’s a likely candidate because of the road he travels, the speed he’s going (when the engine is running), and his lack of brakes.

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