Consider one of the possible reasons why the Z06 is supercharged

Question: How much horsepower does the viper have?

Answer: 640...where are you going with this?

Question: Is it possible for GM to make a corvette with a small-block V8 engine with 640 horsepower that is naturally aspirated, reliable, relatively cheap to maintain, and with a displacement of 7 liters, while avoiding the gass-guzzler label, and keeping the price well under $100k?


Answer: No.

And there you have it. Imho, there is simply no way chevy can compete with a viper while using a naturally aspirated engine, Which is why I believe that they made the right decision by supercharging the Z06 so that they could take down the viper, and other high-end sports cars while keeping the costs low, even though it would be cool to have a 427 stingray. Thats what I think. What do you think?

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