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For Anna

I hope she is an avid reader of Oppo. I saw Senna's MP4/4 in Leipzig.

It's astonishing how tiny the McLaren actually is. The fragile appearance of the car is contrasted by the brute forces it's able to endure and the dominance it achieved in the 1988 Formula 1 season. The Honda engined MP4/4 won 15 of the 16 races with Senna being the first to see the chequered flag eight times.


So this is how the opponents remember the car:

As I approached the MP4/4 I wasn't realizing that it was the real deal until I saw the information plate. I honestly thought it was a GP2 car from years ago. You just wouldn't suspect that this slightly oversized gokart has about 600hp.


Best advert placement ever?


Best advert placement ever!




And the uncut version of the picture on top



If you are looking for a new toast, try this one:

Berger, Senna, Prost!

The three Grand Prix winners of the 1988 season. It's a pun on the word "Prost" which is the German equivalent of saying "cheers!".



German: "Prost", "Prosit" - from Latin prosit (may it be good (i.e., for you)) or "Zum Wohl" (to health)

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