You may or may not have seen but Last Saturday night I was in a hit and run with a Deer. The oblivious creature ran off before we could exchange insurance info and local law enforcement has no leads. How ever the damage she caused to the rear passenger driver side door was pretty extensive, along with some minor bruising to the drivers door. I dropped my baby off yesterday at the autobody shop and spent the last 12 hours going back and fourth with my claims rep. They were making all sorts of excuses as to why they would do the bare minimum to repair the damage but I held fast! I wouldn’t budge on my principals, this is my car and I want it fixed right! So finally they caved and are getting a new to me replacement rear door, doing a color match and blend and fixing/ respraying my drivers door as well! the old gal is going to look beautiful again! Thank you progressive for giving me what I really wanted for Christmas and thank you stupid as deer for ramming me full speed while i was doing 45 (even if I do still hope you limped off an died)