So, as some of you know I have very few hobbies. Land Rover maintenance, yard work, marriage, work, and foremost training/playing/being around my bird dogs. I have two Brittany’s: my one year old male Dexter (bred of a field champion male and dual champion female) and my new 11 week old Brit pup Birdie (of national champion parent and grandparent bloodlines).

Pointing breeds such as GSPs, setters, and Brittanys are know for there venerability, intelligence, and energy. So it makes it difficult to pin down just what my doges would be if they were cars. I’m somewhere between a Bowler Wildcat, Audi ur Quattro of group B fame, and a current gen Range Rover Sport SVR. These vehicles due to their speed, agility, and field prowess.

First up my Dexie-boy (my best buddy)

Next up my little sweet pea Birdie: