Once Mr. Demuro gets the stinger he might realize that its a lift back, meaning that there isn’t a federal requirement in the US to have an escape latch since the boot and the cabin share a single space.

However, the Kia does have a latch in the trunk, the fuel cap release:

Illustration for article titled For Dougs inevitable video.

I can imagine the script

“Many of you know that all cars need to have a safety latch in the trunk in case you become trapped, but the stinger here is a liftback, meaning it doesn’t posses a latch, or does it?”


How did the car behave today? Like a child. It’s still angry at me that I’m trying to keep it under the magic 4000 rpm number and it also hates me for being such a slow driver. It felt quite agile in traffic and I was, once again, tailgated today.

I think its just something you get used to.

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