Happy Independence Day y’all. I’m Canadian and currently at work but it’s a slow day because you folks make up the biggest chunk of our client base and are all taking the day off. So, if you’re bored like I am feel free to read this article I put together about tools, and this house/techno/trance set I mixed together.

Heads up: this is a shameless plug for my new personal project. Waaay back when I wrote an article on Kinja that got pushed to the FP which was about reasons for wrenching on your ride. This made me remember that I like writing, and I used to do just that quite a bit in highschool but for 5 years while in university the only thing I wrote was code. So I decided one day that I want to maintain a blog and share info about personal hobbies such as wrenching, cars, motorcycles, bikes, etc. Since Kinja is a temperamental flaming tire fire I chose Wordpress as my platform. Yesterday I finally pushed out my first post - 10 Common Tools Every DIYer Must Have. Talk about a clickbait title eh? Here’s the link:

And if you want to listen to some euro-beatz while you’re reading I also have a new set:


The next few posts are also drafted up but I need to take photos for them. Topics include tools specifically for wrenching, a guide for motorcycle beginners, and some more stuff about cycling. I’m just doing this for fun - I don’t plan on quitting my day job - but feedback is appreciated. Now you may return to your scheduled Oppo programming.