Few stories about one’s life are told more clearly than those told through ink. Be it a loyalty solidified, or a lifelong passion, automotive art represents the most dedicated of our breed. Rotary engines require a particularly unique type of dedication, even from a true auto enthusiast. Daulton’s tattoo then, is a mark of loyalty. An RX7 was his first car, which got wrecked, though its soul was transplanted into another RX7. The streak was not to end there, as that RX7 was then traded for a third one. That third one spent the most amount of time in Daulton’s life, but continued to forge his connection with the little triangular-pistoned engines. Much more than a passing interest.

Dalia’s shift pattern tattoo is simple in its appearance, but much more complex than simple ‘H’ pattern. Unlike brand loyalty, her tattoo resonates more from a love for cars; about things outside of the driving experience behind the wheel. She doesn’t have a particular favorite brand, but loves the memories of how she first fell in love with a boy… and his Audi S4. It sadly didn’t last (that’s why ‘R’ is a broken heart) but it instilled a passion for speed. Cars, for many of us provide escapism. They provide camaraderie. They gain us new friendships, and knowledge of things mechanical and historical. They create freedom. They help us explore, while also providing our own personal concert hall. They allow us to make mistakes and usually be OK. They ignite passions otherwise hidden within. They even help some people find purpose. They are so much more than just transportation.

A collection is one way to share your love of cars, or maybe even just a project car is enough evidence, but you can’t carry that with you like the meaning of a tattoo. Dalia and Daulton are just two out of many examples that I know are out there, and I’d rather have the rest of this post dedicated to you telling the story. So, with that said, tell us about your ink!