My grandma has pancreatic cancer, and this morning, she woke up in her worst state yet. It could be her last day, so I’m making this post to cope. To keep it Oppo, here are some cars that I recognize her with.

This is the car she always wanted. a G. She always used to yell, “GAELENDEWAGEN,” when we saw one on the road.
The first car she bought in America, a lil red Chevette.
The first car I remember her having, a 1997 Toyota Corolla. She actually had two, both were crashed.
The last car she ever owned, a 2004 Honda Civic EX. She sideswiped a big rig in 2012, and walked away. Afterwards, we had the talk.
A purple Citroen. She tells me of a story in which she went to the Frankfurt Auto Show back in the 70s and they had a purple Citroen on display. It had a green interior as well. Bodacious.


A beige Maserati Coupe. She tells me of a story in which she was in Europe in the mid-2000s and walked by a Maserati dealership. Inside was a “cafe ole” Coupe, she said it was absolutely gorgeous.
A Tatra. Back in the mid-2000s, we happened upon a car meet at Oak Mountain park. She told me to get a Tatra and show these people up. I scoffed at her then. I admire it now.
And finally, a Skoda, for her home, Czechoslovakia.