Here's how the switch over to the new system usually goes:

1. Pre-whining: People post the "New System 5.3 is coming!" memes or posts or whatever, what have you for a good 2 months coming up
2. The big switch: Everyone uses it for 5 days as normal. The world doesn't stop spinning
3. "I don't like change": All of the old guys who have been here forever declare the new system is broken because they're missing a functionality (which is usually just a different process in the new system that other people have already figured out)
4. Most of the old guys declare they're taking their balls and going home.
5. People that are left are usually newer guys or more diverse vets and enjoy the new free flowing form of the place, and use it for what it really is, an off-topic forum.
6. "Veterans" randomly pop up 4-6 months later trying to make everyone feel bad about using the forum for its intended purpose.

1-4 seems to have already happened. Enjoy 5 while it's here. I'm not looking forward to another 6.