Hey all,

I currently drive a 2016 Kia Forte5 SX which I purchased in Oct. 2016 and currently has just about 9000kms on it.

I just went for an oil change and the boys there noted that my oil really stank of gasoline. They asked if I had any issues starting up - there were none at all. They asked if I had filled up recently - my most recent fillup was at the beginning of this week. They also asked if I noticed my tank running out quicker, but I haven’t noticed any difference between fillups, and my mileage remains at a pretty steady 12L/100km (I do have a heavy foot, and it’s all city driving).

My car is under warranty so I have no problems bringing it in, but the fact that this problem sprung up so early in my car’s life is a big concern to me.

The 1.6T engine in my car does have direct injection, and some quick googling revealed in could be a leaky/faulty injector that’s stuck open or just plain leaking. There is no check engine light on in my car. The oil guys have no reason to lie to me about this since they didn’t upsell me on anything and did my regular oil/filter change.


I know that failed piston rings can cause this issue, but could these really fail so early in the car’s life? If the piston ring is broken, wouldn’t this be noticeable in some other way? The guys at the oil change place suggested it could be turbo-related but they said it was just a guess and to take it to the dealer ASAP.

Have you Oppos ever had this issue before?

EDIT: some more googling says it could be a spark plug issue - wouldn’t a spark plug failure be noticable due to the sound and loss of power since one cylinder wouldn’t be firing at all?