So over in the states they have this thing called restomodding.

It is where you take an old car and make it better than it ever could be. Seems like a good idea in my books but it would never happen on this side of the pond would it now, I mean what would the MG owners club think about an MGB "on rims". Well bollocks to them and anyone else who is against this because as it turns out, it is already happening.

Anyone who has watch enough Top Gear will know that they have shown quite a few restomodded or as James May put it "modernised" British Cars. These include a Jensen Interceptor, a Jaguar XJS & E Type and an Aston Martin DB5. Now none of these cars were modded to the same extent as the cars in the Top Gear USA episode but you have to start somewhere.

So what old British car would you restomod/modernise?

For me it would be the MK2 Jaguar.


I've always liked the S-type but like everyone else I recognise that it is not the greatest looking car in the world as it tried to capture the spirit of the MK2 so why not have a look at the original instead. Plus they raced them as touring cars which means I can screw with E28 M5 owners and claim that my sports saloon predates theirs.