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For Rainmeter users,

I'm creating a skin that reads the most recent 10 posts on the FP. Here are some features currently in it (will add or remove some later on). Also I have plans in mind, so if you have any suggestions, please drop a reply! :)


- Slideshow of 10 stories, with corresponding authors, links and images
- Click the Jalop logo and it will link to the FP
- Hidden "click to refresh" button that unhides(is that even a word?) when you hover over the story image and hides again when you move the cursor off of the skin



- A hideable (is that a word as well?) pop-up bar that links to various Jalop pages, Oppo being the main one
- Various skin styles (there's only 1 atm, the one in the screenshot, but I want to make a collapsable version and possibly a sidebar)
- Limited aspects of customization to keep it as clean and light as possible

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