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For Sale.

Some lunatic by the name of Gustavo Jimenez Pons offered President Elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to buy this highly modified, terrible teen 787 for the sum of...

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1.9 billion pesos! Which roughly translates to 100 million dollars at the current exchange rates... wow...for a relatively new 787 with so many mods seems like little. As was pointed out before, this is B787 number LN6; one of the terrible teens, but still.... 100 million dollars seems like a bargain for such a jet! Maybe we need to let Tyler Hoover know about it.

El Universal, asked a few experts about it, and they said that selling it would be a bad business deal given that airlines have little use for the security modifications and VIP modifications made to it, so they wouldn’t have a keen interest in it. Additionally, the airplane would have a hard time being sold in the private market as other B787's have struggled to sell. The analysts say it’d be worth around 142 million in the private jet market, but they doubt the jet would sell for a good price and it’d be a better move to keep the airplane and swallow the pride.


In case you wonder, Andres Manuel had a bone to pick about this jet, that replaced the aging presidential jet, a B757. Given the high cost of the jet, and the fact that a little over 50% of our population is under the national poverty rate, Obrador said that it was an excess and it should go away alongside the new Mexico City airport which is of course being designed by Norman Foster Architects and built by the good people at Carso; Carlos Slim’s construction company.

Obrador’s fighting words were “That jet, Not even Obama has one!” in reference to the cost of the TP-01 compared to the cost of the two VC-25... when you forget about inflation and other things like the new 747-8's on order to serve as Air Force One... but still, a populist is a populist, so he might sell it just for the hell of it... because he can goddammit!

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