That’s it. Feast your eyes on it. Let the reality of the situation fill your brain and accept the fact that a human being turned a REAL Volkswagen Beetle into a BBQ Smoker. This is happening whether you like it or not. And you can BUY IT.

Now that you’ve stopped raging and/or laughing your ass off, let’s dig into this, uh, creation. It’s a former 2003 Beetle that has somehow had its cab ripped off and replaced with a place to cook meat (to us Texans, it’s called a “smoke box”).


With traditional smokers, the fire is not maintained directly underneath the meat; it’s lit in another component, called the “fire box”. And what’s more fitting than putting the business end of the smoker where the business end of the formerly working car would be?!

That’s right, under the hood. The seller, who posted this abomination/glorious Frankenstein mash-up is based somewhere just north of Austin and is asking $8,000. For that, you get perhaps the only BBQ smoker with it’s own VIN. No idea if it smokes a mean brisket, though (it probably does, in the hands of a skilled pitmaster).


Here’s the Facebook Marketplace ad:


Bon appetite!

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