Last year I really wanted to go to the JFF (thats Jalopnik Film Festival, c'mon) but tix sold out basically immediately and I couldn't get my hands on them and even if managed to get one in my cart in during the 4.2 seconds they were available I couldn't have afforded to go back then. Now I drive a CTS V wagon, with a manual, which you may recognize from my brief appearance on the front page a few weeks ago.

A lot has changed since then, I dropped the price, I started looking at the price tag of houses, but mostly the government started claiming I owe it money that I allegedly used to fund my college education (I'm calling bs on that one) and it turns out that a 556 horsepower wagon gets worse gas mileage than a loaded freight train doesn't get great gas mileage and isn't the cheapest thing for a guy like me to insure. So I'm selling my dream car. I also bought an extra VIP ticket to the JFF (Jalopnik Film Festival, remember). So now I officially own two things Jalops ought to love, 1 ticket for the JFF, and a manual V Wagon. If anyone is interested in procuring these two items I would be willing to sell the mega desirable super rare JFF VIP ticket and include -at no additional charge- a 2011 CTS V wagon, with all the beauty of the TR-6060 strapped to a monstrous 6.2 liter supercharged small block. (The ticket cost 43k but it comes with a free Caddy). If I somehow manage to not sell the ticket, I'll be taking the wagon to the JFF with a few other Jalops and we'll 'make it rain' at every Costco between here and New York and still have room for souvenirs.

I hope its not poor taste to peddle my humble ride on Oppo, more info on if you want to take the discussion offline, see ya'll at the JFF