I’m going to give you goobers first crack at it before I *shudder* try to sell it on eBay or Facebook. It functions perfectly and only shows minor cosmetic wear.

My needs for a laptop have changed, and this one was never what I thought I was ordering anyways as the seller was a bit deceptive. The ad never mentioned what screen it had but the pictures showed what looked like a little Nvidia sticker on the palmrest. That led me to believe it had the hi-res screen. The item I received had the base 1366x768 screen with integrated graphics.


I kept it and never filed a claim because A) It was a good price regardless of the screen and B) I needed a functional computer and couldn’t wait for another one to be shipped.

My dissatisfaction provided an impetus to build the desktop I’d been wanting for quite some time, and now that I have that for power use I don’t need such a beefy laptop anymore. I’ve replaced it with a more portable T440s.


  • Thinkpad T540p
  • 16gig DDR3
  • Core i5 4300M 2.6GHz, turbo up to 3.3
  • 15.6" 1366x768

Not great for any serious gaming but if you’re looking for near-desktop multitasking capability and a full numpad, this is a good machine for you.


I’ll sell it for $150 (the price of the replacement I ordered) as-is with no hard drive but for a fellow Oppo I’ll throw in a 256gb Win10 SSD for free

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