President Obrador has gone all Marie Kondo. Putting on sale over two hundred vehicles that belong to the Federal government’s VIP fleet. It might upset his predecesor who was clearly very fond of GMT900s.

The auction includes one hundred and seventy bulletproof SUVs, seven HD trucks, twenty three pickup trucks, nine compacts, thirty motorcycles, twelve semis, two tractors(?), two buses and five trailers. Obrador wishes to recoup five million dollars from the sale. Which is, erm, very little considering the kinds of cars they’re selling;

And that was him in Mexico’s safest city.

Bulletproof, top of the line vehicles...

-Audi A8 W12 Security: 100,000USD

-BMW X5 Security: 40,000USD

-Chevrolet Suburban 4.7 ton: 43,500USD

-Chevrolet Suburban diesel Bulletproof: 80,000USD

-Chevrolet Suburban 3.8 ton: 51,000USD

-Chevrolet Suburban 5.4 ton: 46,000USD

Why so many vehicles? Well, because bulletproofing’s worst enemy is vibration, and when you have up to three tons of it, you’ve got yourself some issues with the comparatively lousy frames of the Suburbans.

So whenever Peña Nieto went outside of Mexico City (Like he did every few days), he was shuffled around in a helicopter, while a crew of technicians and truckers flatbeded the bulletproof vehicles to whichever destination he had. That way the trucks would be subject to fewer vibrations and would last longer.... supposedly.

Obrador used to be driven in a VW Jetta, but now he’s shuffled around in full size SUVs. The reason? His wife made him do so... or so he said. Though, it’s clear that the Ford Expedition he is being transported in is not bulletproof.

It’s great that they’re selling all of it, but it’s even stranger that I somehow found a way to spin this the bad way.


He talked about the auction during his morning press release, which is kind of a joke. The funds will supposedly go to the national guard but like, why is he wasting his time on it? This sale will be equivalent to 0.0017% of the federal budget this year. It is clear that he does this because he likes the attention.

Also, he has a perfectly fine 787 sitting in some hangar in California until it finds a new home(at an undisclosed cost). But he’s a showman.

And the show must go on.