Back in ye olden days of 2005, Lamborghini decided to unveil a twin cockpit concept car at the Geneva Motor Show known as the Concept S. Such was its crowd-pleasing capabilities that Lamborghini decided to build a fully functional and road legal prototype, which you can now buy!

There were plans at Sant’Agata to actually put this Gallardo based speedster into limited production but the extremely high cost and time required to build the Concept S put a halt to plans.

Thus this car, Chassis 001, is the only existing functional Concept S in the entire world.


After being built, Chassis 001 was immediately sold to a private customer and in 10 years, the car has barely over 100 miles on the clock, most of which were covered during factory testing and pootling around the concours events it appeared at every now and then.

And being based on a Gallardo means this speedster ain’t a slouch - a 500hp V10 can push this car to a supposed 180mph. Assuring levels of grip are provided by the Gallardo’s AWD drivetrain, although one wouldn’t be expected to employ it in snowy conditions since the Concept S does not come with a roof.


The car will be crossing the block at RM Sotheby’s New York auction on November 18 and is expected to be sold in the region of US$2.4 - 3 million.


What a fantastically wild machine. And just to let you know, the Concept S’s designer Luc Donckerwolke will soon be hired by Hyundai as their new design boss!

Photo and info credit: Classic Driver